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We are pleased to announce the release of our new series of Apps suitable foriPad, iPhone and Android and are available exclusively from iTunes and Google Play Store - look for Practical Education Planners!

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This suite of student-friendly apps, while primarily designed for French Immersion students, is also well suited to all students of French as a Second Language and French as a First Language. Unique in our apps is our commitment to supporting parents by providing them with information and materials so that they can help their child learn and even participate in the learning process. We understand that students enter French Immersion at different grade levels and we have created our apps to accommodate this reality. Apps are supported by our free resources .

Created for French Immersion students
Ideal for English-speaking students who wish to improve their French


Here is the page of gold-silver-bronze medals that we suggest parents print to award their children for successful completion of activities in our Apps. Download and print as required.

Visit our video page for some tips and tricks and information on how these Apps will enhance your student learning.